Private Alternatives: Current Markets, Outlook and Opportunities

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis has inevitably created significant impact on the global political, social and economic environment. While the impact on private alternative investment is less observable than in the public markets, our Fiera Private Alternative Investment teams have continued working diligently to monitor their investments during this volatile period.

We have established a solid track record across multiple private investment strategies, attributed to our deep bench of talented investment professionals. We have extensive functional and industry expertise, and our teams are highly sophisticated in how they source deals, seek value, and exit
investments. However, direct investments can be labor intensive as information is “ private ” and requires a more “ hands-on ” approach that relies heavily on strong partnerships between individuals. Despite the long-term investment horizon of our investments, short-term challenges exist. In light of the pandemic, our teams – remotely – have been in active dialogue with their respective business partners, from farm operators to real estate entrepreneurs to renewable energy operators, and have taken appropriate actions where necessary. Over the past several weeks we have focused on monitoring portfolios with respect to cash flows, valuations and any other unique factors that may impact the strategies. Short-term liquidity in select markets could be impacted, however we are confident we are well-positioned to weather the storm in these truly unprecedented times. We are supporting our partners through the uncertainty and are confident that together we will create value in the long run for our investors. Every crisis presents an opportunity and we encourage our investors to never lose sight of that.

We are pleased to share a summary update on the private alternative investment strategies we offer globally in the various jurisdictions we operate, as well as their insights on current markets, outlook and potential opportunities.