Our objective: stable and
attractive risk-adjusted returns
Fiera Infrastructure’s investment approach is designed to support this goal through diversified exposure to the infrastructure asset class

The key tenets of our
approach include:

Global Mid-Market Strategy

Our focus on global mid-market infrastructure puts a greater emphasis on relationship-based origination and seeks to identify less competitive, high-quality investment opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

New Economy Infrastructure

Our portfolio targets a low allocation to carbon-related investments, instead focusing on ‘new economy’ essential infrastructure.

Open-End Structure

Our open-end fund structure is aligned with our investor’s objectives, the long-lived characteristics of infrastructure and our investment strategy as a long-term owner and manager.

Experienced and Technical Team

Our investment professionals, with global expertise in investing, asset management and engineering, are well-positioned to identify attractive investment opportunities.

Commitment to ESG

Our commitment to responsible investing is a core element of our culture, embedded into all aspects of our investment and asset management activities.

Trusted Manager

We are a group of established and seasoned infrastructure investment and asset management professionals, headquartered in Canada, with a strong global reputation of integrity and trust.