Innovative Diversified Approach

We believe that private alternative investment in long-lived, stable infrastructure assets requires a different model than for businesses operating on high growth.

We offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by accessing a sought-after asset class. We do this in a way that delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns, optimizes the alignment of interests with investors, and better reflects the nature of the infrastructure asset class.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

Our seasoned and specialized professionals have a unique level of expertise that is entirely focused on a globally diversified asset class.

Our team includes professional engineers and experts in facilities maintenance, and has decades of experience in infrastructure investment, from fundraising, deal sourcing and transaction execution to asset management and exits. Our funds are structured to benefit from the unique features of the infrastructure asset class while enhancing governance and alignment with investors.

Excellence in Investing and Asset Management

We embrace and deliver excellence based on the key principles of prudence, discipline and analytical rigour, in order to achieve stable and consistent results .

To deliver stability and consistency to investors, we employ an analytical approach to evaluate the risk/return trade-off for each investment opportunity. Our team’s outstanding track record includes striking deals in core infrastructure assets that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns and cash yield, and structured to minimize downside risk.

Our approach to asset management ensures that our robust governance and risk management practices are engrained throughout the process. This allows us to proactively identify opportunities to preserve and enhance the asset’s performance.


Fiera Infrastructure fosters enduring partnerships based on honesty, respect, teamwork and a drive to improve continuously and achieve successful outcomes.

For our investors, we strive to be transparent, deliver consistent returns and follow through on our stated investment strategies.
For our investment partners,
our deep experience and knowledge of infrastructure allow us to be an insightful partner that can add significant value to our projects.
For our management teams
and advisors, our straightforward and collaborative approach enables productive working relationships.