EagleCrest Infrastructure

Investment Approach

Our flagship fund is EagleCrest Infrastructure. Its mandate is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns from a core and core-plus, global, mid-market portfolio of investments across all subsectors of the infrastructure asset class.

The fund targets core and core-plus assets with historically stable and predictable cash flows and provide essential services with significant barriers to entry, monopolistic characteristics and regulated or contracted revenues. The fund has a global mandate to invest in select Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Investments are made across the asset class, including energy, utilities, telecommunications, transportation, and public-private partnerships.

EagleCrest Infrastructure is an open-end fund with a long-term investment horizon, taking a buy and manage approach with opportunistic exits.

Management Style

This fund utilizes strategic portfolio construction to develop a diversified portfolio by geography, subsector, and asset type while taking an active approach to asset management. Active asset management focuses on protecting the base case returns, developing existing platforms and delivering upside, to exceed return expectations on a portfolio level.

Fund Structure

EagleCrest Infrastructure is an open-end fund with two feeder vehicles. Terms of each vehicle are substantially the same.

  • EagleCrest Infrastructure Canada LP is a Canadian Limited Partnership (LP) available to Canadian Investors only, established in January 2016.
  • EagleCrest Infrastructure SCSp is Luxembourg Special Limited Partnership (SCSp) available to non-Canadian investors only, established in March 2018.

All new investments are allocated to the two feeder vehicles. Investments made prior to the establishment of the EagleCrest Infrastructure SCSp will remain solely in the Canadian feeder vehicle. The fund is currently open.