Case Study Public Infrastructure Partnership

Overview of Asset

In 2018, Fiera Infrastructure partnered with EllisDon Capital (“EllisDon”) to invest in Public Private Partnerships (“PPPs”). These social infrastructure assets provide essential social services, including healthcare, education and transportation services.

Key Components of the ESG Program

  • In 2020, Fiera Infrastructure collaborated with EllisDon to advance the PPP portfolio’s ESG program, commencing with Fiera Infrastructure and EllisDon collecting critical data through an Annual ESG Information Request
  • In 2021, the PPP portfolio began to report to GRESB, enabling a fulsome review of ESG practices and benchmarking to peers. Results of the 2021 survey showed strong leadership practices, in-depth policies in place, top-level reporting, thorough risk management processes and a focus on stakeholder engagement. The portfolio also tracks comprehensive data for material performance indicators such as energy, greenhouse gas emissions and health and safety
  • Together, Fiera Infrastructure and EllisDon furthered their commitments to ESG with the adoption of an Environmental Management System, in addition to their standing commitments to health and safety. As an organization, EllisDon is also developing internal ESG expertise with a Sustainable Buildings Solutions division
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives were also a priority, with all leaders having gone through DE&I training during the year, including at hospital sites

Key ESG Stats

2021 GRESB Score of 88, received a 5-star rating and rated first in its class for Social Infrastructure. A top-performing asset from an ESG perspective within Fiera Infrastructure’s portfolio


Waste Processing

Waste Processing

40% of waste diverted from landfill in 2020


181 full-time equivalent contractors
Climate Objectives

Climate Objectives

Net Zero Target of 2050

Future ESG Plans

Going forward, a key priority is to complete a climate risk assessment on all assets in the EllisDon-Fiera PPP Partnership and ensure all assets align with frameworks from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

A Net Zero Target of 2050 has been set at the partnership level, with goals for business unit-based targets and initiatives to be set up.

Enhancing the portfolio’s ability to track data by adding metrics such as waste, water usage and impact on biodiversity.

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